Qrw Winchester Tikka T3-t3x 2-pc Matte


Product Description

QRW Winchester Tikka T3/T3x 2-pc Matte


Leupold® mounts are every bit as rugged and dependable as the Leupold optics they’re intended to secure. With a huge variety of mounting systems, for nearly every type of firearm under the sun, you’re sure to find the perfect match for you firearm, and your style of shooting.


QRW mounts bring Leupold® accuracy to the cross-slot format. They feature steel detachable accuracy mounts that are based on the familiar cross-slot design. Use the QRW™ mounts to achieve detachable accuracy.



  • Matte
  • Tikka T3/T3x
  • 2 Piece Base
  • Cross-slot design