Atn X-sight Ltv 5-15x


Product Description



Features HD Optics with the ATN Cutting-Edge QHD+ Day/Night Sensor which gives you crisp, vivid images both Day and Night. The X-Sight LTV offers an Enhanced HD Night Vision Mode. Don't let the darkness slow you down. Don’t miss another opportunity to capture that once in a lifetime moment. Record your Hunting Adventures in HD to bring your adventures back home to share with friends, family and on social media. The X-Sight LTV scopes are powered by the new revolutionary ATN Obsidian LT Core that is optimized for low power consumption, in a small and ergonomic form factor. Designed to withstand the pressures of High Caliber weapons. The X-Sight LTV is built out of Hardened Aluminium Alloy with Impact Resistant Electronics. Sighting in your scope has never been easier with One Shot Zero. Take a shot adjust your reticle and you are good to go. The X-Sight LTV is the lightest Day/Night Scope from ATN, providing more versatility to mount to Crossbow, Air Rifle, or other platforms where weight is critical factor.


  • Magnification: 5-15x
  • Field of View: 240 ft
  • Sensor: ATN QHD+ M584 Sensor
  • Core: ATN Obsidian LT Core
  • Micro Display: 1280x720 HD
  • Eye relief: 90mm
  • Video Resolution: 1280x720
  • 3D Gyroscope: Yes
  • 3D Accelerometer: Yes
  • Night Vision Mode: Yes
  • Reticles: Multiple Patterns
  • Micro SD card: 4 to 64 GB
  • USB Type C
  • Mount: 30 mm Standard Rings (included)
  • IR Illuminator included
  • Battery Life ≈ 10 hours
  • Internal Lithium Ion Battery
  • Weather resistant
  • Operating Temperature: -20°F to +120°F / -28°C to 48°C
  • Dimensions: 13"x2.2"x2.2" / 330x55x55 mm
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs / 780 g
  • Not Compatible with ABL1000/1500, X-TRAC, LBLRF1000/1500