American Eagle® Ammunition - .223 Remington (5.56x45mm) - Full Metal Jacket Boat-tail - 55 Grain


Product Description

American Eagle® Ammunition - .223 Remington (5.56x45mm) - Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail - 55 Grain


Hitting the range this weekend? Take along several boxes of your favorite American Eagle load. You'll find the American Eagle Centerfire Rifle choices very suitable for precision practice and an affordable option for the target board. Available in contemporary calibers and a couple of classics, you'll enjoy the accuracy you'll see with AE rifle loads.

These accurate, non-expanding bullets give you flat-shooting trajectory, leave a small exit hole in game and put tight groups in paper. They're perfect for sharpening your shooting eye. And they're famous for smooth, reliable feeding in semi-automatics.



  • Caliber: .223 Remington 
  • Bullet Weight: 55 Grain
  • Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3240 FPS
  • Ballistic Coefficient: 0.269
  • Round/Box: 20 Rounds per Box