Burris 536 5x-36mm Fastfire Iii 300234

$669.08 $815.95

Brand: Burris

Product Description

536 5X-36MM FREE FASTFIRE III 300234

Burris prism sights are made specifically for close-quarter engagement. These compact prism sights allow for nanosecond target acquisition in the lowest-light scenarios. When it’s go-time, the variety of magnifications ensures lawmen, military and competitors can accurately cover any distance.

  • Made for tactical and mid-range precision
  • Rugged construction withstands recoil, the rigors of competition and tactical operations, and all types of weather
  • The illuminated reticle reduces time to get on target in any lighting condition
  • 3 reticle color settings: red, green, and black
  • Illuminated reticle: 5 red and 5 green illuminated settings
  • Reticle’s black color setting is available even without battery power
  • Trajectory compensation to 600 yds.