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Why People Enjoy Hunting With Our Optic Mounts

Hunting has more or less been around since the dawn of humanity. Though hunting isn’t necessary for our survival as a species in a modern urban society, countless individuals still enjoy hunting as a practical hobby and passion. Why is this, exactly? Beyond people simply doing what they love and enjoy, there are many reasons as to why hunting is still very popular, and won’t go away anytime soon. Maybe it’s a natural human instinct built into us, or maybe it’s a family-based tradition passed down from generation to generation. Either way, the fact is that people just love to hunt.

Precision Rifle Super Store is proud to help equip hunters and long distance shooters out on the shooting range by providing high-quality long-range optics including our selection of optic mounts and other useful long range shooting accessories. As a tribute to what was once a primary method of survival for humans, today’s post is dedicated to the love and appreciation of hunting as a sport. Read on to learn about exactly what it is that many people tend to love and enjoy about hunting.

Hard to Put Into Words

Like many things that people have an outspoken passion for, sometimes the reasons and motivations that compel many people to hunt are somewhat difficult to put into print. This can be especially difficult when it comes to a subject like hunting that’s aroused such a high level of ambivalence, controversy and even stark opposition for many decades, even centuries.

Still, it is important for hunters and non-hunters alike to have a good understanding of why hunting is practiced and enjoyed by so many, especially in modern times where hunting is not required for our survival. So, why hunt?

To Experience Nature as a Participant

A lot of hunters will list this as a primary reason when asked why they hunt. In one way or another, they hunt in order to experience nature directly as a participant, rather than simply as a spectator. That is not to say that hunters don’t spectate because hunting is a patient game that requires careful observation from relatively long distances. The fact that hunters are carrying a rifle or other weapon, however, gives a certain type of “edge” to hunter’s observations out in the field or the woods.

In city life, people don’t have the chance to rightfully (and lawfully) assert their dominance over hunting game - not only because that would be illegal, but there aren’t any animals to hunt in the city. Being secluded out in nature gives the hunter a chance to actively engage and interact with the wildlife, instead of merely watching without any control over the environment.

Immersion and Appreciation of Nature

Imagine a nice break from the hustle and bustle of city and work life. Out on the field, you don’t have to deal with the sound of honking horns, the smell of exhaust, or even the sight of your boss. While there are plenty of other peaceful and quiet recreational outdoor activities, hunting provides the perfect opportunity to the get the peace and solitude that you so desperately seek out at work or at home. The best hunting action usually occurs during the very early morning hours, before the sun has even risen. This is a special, almost magical time of day where most other people in the area are asleep, while you’re awake and coexisting with the natural wildlife. Plus, that eventual sunrise isn’t bad either.  

Sentimental Value

Getting to know the places that you frequently hunt in is also closely related to being immersed in nature through hunting. It is not nature, per se, that draws hunters afield so much as it is the nature of particular places that draws hunters back in year after year. A particular place might have a certain memory or experience associated with the physical location, such as a hunter’s first kill. Even things like topography, forest cover, the smell of decaying leaves, and so forth get embedded in a hunter’s mind.

A sentimental hunter will even return to a hallowed place even when it is long past its prime as a habitat for quality game. Though the natural decline of huntable animals is never preferred by the passionate hunter, it is nonetheless accepted and understood as a sort of inescapable feature of nature. Becoming intimately familiar with a particular place due to fond memories and physical recognition of the environment is an essential feature of being immersed in nature and serves as a reminder of our own temporality as a species. After all, humans are animals too, right?

Control of Food Source

A slight recent increase in the sale of hunting licenses in the United States has actually been largely attributed to those who want to take charge of their primary food and protein sources. Some of these people as referred to as “adult-onset hunters,” meaning that they weren’t raised in a hunting family or exposed to a wealth of hunting knowledge and resources when they were young. So why are more people hunting to control their food source?

There are a few (relatively) recent cultural shifts that have helped fuel this growing interest in hunting for sustenance. The first is there is a growing concern with industrial farming, food safety, and the processed foods industry. Whether the concern revolves around GMO’s, growth hormones, antibiotics or high fructose corn syrup, the reality is that more people than ever are being more aware of the food that they’re consuming. Hunting for sustenance has also increased in popularity because people not only want to know the exact source of their food but also have the satisfaction and rewarding feeling of providing for themselves. Plus, having a year’s worth of jerky that’s ready to go is pretty convenient.

Ecological Preservation

Overall, countless hunters have been a major force in preserving and maintaining various habitats in order to preserve and sustain wildlife. Organizations such as Ducks Unlimited are dedicated to wildlife and habitat preservation. Ducks Unlimited has protected thousands of acres of breeding habitat for waterfowl, something that’s also important for non-game species. Additionally, the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses has supported the work of state wildlife and fishery agencies. Over the course of the last century, organizations like Ducks Unlimited have developed detailed, scientifically-based wildlife and habitat management policies that are responsible for a remarkable recovery of many different species of animals, including non-game.

We Provide Great Hunting Equipment

As you can imagine, there are many more reasons that explain why people choose to hunt. Whatever your reasons, Precision Rifle Super Store is here to equip you with the latest and greatest in long range shooting gear, including optic mounts to securely position the scope on your rifle. For other great long range shooting accessories and a wide range of adjustable scope mounts, check out our store today.