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A Rifle Data Book Might Be More Important Than You Think

In today’s world, updating and recording data is essential to tracking your progress, and informing others of what you’ve been doing. Many shooters tend to overlook the idea of a rifle data book - a valuable tool for the shooter that allows you to have a daily journal of your shooting performance. It is also an essential aspect of long range shooting accessories provided by Precision Rifle Super Store.

Expert sharpshooting is a science, and like any good science, data must be recorded to prove hypotheses, compare numbers, and share information with fellow like-minded enthusiasts, which in this case are shooters. A good shooter should reference their rifle data book every time they step out onto the range. There are many reasons as to why a shooter should be using a data book - here are a few.


When you enter data about your shooting performance under certain conditions, you’ll be able to refer back to the data on this date, and compare your performance under similar or even differing conditions. This will help provide a benchmark for improvement, and to see how your shooting accuracy compared to your most recent outing.

Environmental Conditions

Though a complete data book has many different sections to fill out including date, target number, and relay number, the real data that’s the most useful consists of environmental data, no wind and corrected zero, called and plotted shots, and performance notes.

The environmental sections of a rifle data book include places to record wind direction and speed, as well as temperature and light direction and condition. Some data books also include a place to record humidity. Wind direction and speed play important roles in the placement of shot groups, and so it is important that you annotate the conditions that you shoot in. Then, if you encounter the same conditions the next time you shoot, you can see how that particular condition affected your performance.

Changes in light conditions and direction can affect your ability to place your shot group in the center of the target. The direction that a range faces and where the sun is in relation to you can actually alter your perception of both the sights and the target, so it is important that you take note of this for future shooting endeavors.


Most rifle data books have a section dedicated to any lessons that you learned that day while out in the field. Anything positive, negative or neutral that somehow affected your shooting should be included in this section. No, this section is not necessarily about excuses for a not-so-ideal round of shooting, but rather for recording lessons that can be used for next time. If you had a breakthrough understanding about something that you’ve been struggling with in regard to shooting, record it here. If you have a sight picture, you can also use performance notes to record it.

Shooters commonly want to get out on the field and immediately improve their shooting accuracy simply by practicing. While their enthusiasm is appreciated, it’s vitally important when it comes to long-distance shooting to be careful, calculated, and taking notes. Your rifle data book is an extremely valuable tool that is often overlooked. If you don’t have a rifle book but you’re an avid shooter, invest in one immediately! Precision Rifle Super Store carries rifle data books that you can use to record and review your shooting outings so that your performance improves over time. Order today!